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TAG overview


Overall view of the risk and opportunity situation and management assessment

The most significant individual risks in the businesses have been named in the report above, with business-related risks being the most significant alongside IT and legal risks. These risks include already the risks stemming from the recent developments regarding the Covid-19 pandemic. Most notably, the pandemic increases existing risks related to more restrictive regulatory requirements regarding drug pricing and reimbursement, the demand for our products, business interruptions at our production facilities, lack of availability of good quality materials or services, risks related to research and development, and negative macroeconomic developments.

With respect to high and medium risks, certain changes have occurred, as the assessment of the individual risks has of course shifted over the fiscal year due to changing external and internal conditions while the overall risk profile remained stable. Thanks to the risk reduction measures taken – such as the consistent implementation of management action (organizational responsibility and process improvements), existing insurance coverage, and accounting precautions – we were able to take counteraction, in particular against significant individual risks.

The overall risk of the Group, which is derived from the probability-weighted aggregation of the identified risks, leads to the assessment that we are not exposed to risks of a nature to threaten the existence of the Group as a going concern, or for which coverage and financing of the losses are questionable. We are confident that we will continue to successfully master the challenges arising from the above risks in the future as well. Our company also benefits from diversification through our different products and markets.

In our view, business-related opportunities offer the greatest potential. An important element here is the continuous expansion of our businesses. With the successful focusing and continued intensification of our research and development activities, we want to be able to continue to offer our customers innovative products and help shape markets. Moreover, we also consolidate our expertise in numerous alliances with industrial partners as well as various universities and international organizations. We are making targeted investments in future-oriented companies and start-ups via our Ventures Investment Fund and our Accelerator programs. The topic of innovation is at the forefront of all our activities. Externally, this is becoming particularly apparent through our Innovation Center at Group headquarters in Darmstadt, Germany, which is to develop into a nucleus of creativity at our company. The activities listed hold significant opportunities for us in the medium to long term, beyond the underlying forecast period.

We pursue the opportunities that arise and specify their expected effects in the forecast development of net sales, EBITDA pre, and cash flow. Furthermore, we will actively seek new opportunities, examine their implementation, and drive them forward where appropriate. If opportunities arise in addition to the forecast developments, or these occur more quickly than anticipated, this could have correspondingly positive effects on our net assets, financial position, and results of operations.